"Home Of The Champions"

560 Mineral Spring Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860    Phone: 401.305.5509 / 401.241.7257

Welcome to B&F Gym!

 Where we strive to provide the ultimate fitness experience utilizing all components of boxing, kickboxing, & fitness. We cater to all fitness and  skill levels. Each class focuses on a full body workout as well as learning proper form and technique in the sport of Boxing. Our highly  experienced trainers are there to work with you one on one and as a team to teach the skill of boxing whether you are doing it to stay in shape  or you are interesting in competing. At B&F Gym our goal is to teach you the classic and traditional sport of boxing.
 We provide extensive 1-on-1 training with each and every one of our members.  Whether you are a professional boxer or someone looking to  shed a few pounds, you deserve the personal attention, dedication and passion that our training staff provides. Even our group classes involve  plenty  of 1 on 1 attention.With the most innovative boxing equipment, and the best coaches in the game to utilize it.  There is no reason  we can't take you all the way to the top! This is a real boxing gym.

 Things you can expect to attain from participating in our classes:

 Confidence & Self Esteem
 Offensive & Defensive techniques
 Muscular Endurance

 Cardiovascular Conditioning
 Strength Training
 SuperiorCore Training
 Stress Relief

Boxing is only $50 a month Unlimited!
We also have Family and Military Discounts!




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