"Home Of The Champions"

560 Mineral Spring Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860    Phone: 401.305.5509 / 401.241.7257

  1. Adult Boxing

    This class offers training to adults interested in getting in shape and learning real boxing. Our coaches consist of highly trained coaches who treat and train you as if you were our next champion without actually entering any type of competition. We prefer to train you as if you were competing so that you get the full benefits of self-defense with proper fundamentals, structure, and a controlled introduction into contact. The byproduct of this is weight loss, flexibility, muscle toning, and overall fitness. The structure and knowledge that our coaches give has allowed us to take men who enter this program with no intentions in competing at any level, the confidence to push their limits in training. Whether that means to compete or not, we want you TO BE confident enough to know you can.

Classes held from 6pm-8pm Monday-Friday

Youth Boxing (ages 8-12 )
Now more than ever we want our children to grow up independent, healthy, physically fit, and with high self esteem. Our Kids Boxing Program provides just that unique formula found lacking in many other youth activities out there.
Do you want your child(ren) to:
Master self discipline?
Build self confidence?
Feel good about themselves?
Become more focused?
Improve their hand-eye coordination and reflex skills?
Learn the value of self respect and respect for others?
Learn to make and accomplish both short and long term goals?
Gain a high level of endurance and stamina?
Gain the skills necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle?
Be able to handle themselves if forced into a physical confrontation?
Enjoy and have fun working out?
Lose weight with a diet program that really works?
Does Your Child Already Participate in Sports or Other Team Activities?
That's great! B&F Gym will only enhance the benefits of their current extra-curricular.
But remember that team sports, while very active and challenging, can sometimes lack the individualized attention kids need to grow and improve.
Our Kid-friendly Trainers Work one-on-one
They help them out through the entire process. They motivate and mentor, giving each kid the personalized curriculum they need to succeed and advance. This dynamic helps kids connect with their training and in the end gives them a better sense of self accomplishment. When they improve, when they win, they feel they pulled their weight and did it on their own, not just as part of a team.
That sense of self reward and achievement is priceless.
When are classes?

Classes held 5pm-6:30pm Monday -Thursday

$50 a month for both Adult and Youth Boxing!

Be sure to ask about our family and military discounts!

We also have a  seperate fitness room with machines and free weights for our fighters to use to build muscle and endurance.